Compared to a configurator that uses 2D images, developing a 3D configurator is significantly more complex and usually takes more time. We offer the solution to develop a 3D product configurator at an affordable price, helping your online business grow.

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A 3D configurator at Orange Juice

When you choose to have a 3D configurator developed by us, you get a custom solution that incorporates 3D in both the backend and frontend. In practice, we often see companies offering only backend solutions, which results in suboptimal loading speeds. On the other hand, we also frequently encounter solutions that only focus on 3D in the frontend, which limits the available options. We provide a comprehensive solution by combining both approaches, overcoming these obstacles effectively. 

What is the difference with 2D?

The primary difference for the end-user lies in the type of image being projected. In a 2D configurator, you see a 'flat' product, possibly displayed from various fixed perspectives. In contrast, a 3D configurator allows you to rotate around the object entirely.

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The major advantage is that products can be easily viewed from different perspectives. Additionally, a 3D configurator allows for playing with light, making material reflections and textures visible. Imagine a wooden table with epoxy in the middle of the tabletop. By moving the product, you can see the epoxy reflect while the wooden tabletop remains matte. This gives the end-user a much better sense of the product, making the decision to purchase more attractive. A 3D model also enables highlighting different elements or offering an 'exploded view'.

The possibilities of 3D configurators

3D configurators not only enhance the display of products but also offer other possibilities.

Augmented Reality, also known as AR, is a feature we can integrate into a 3D configurator. For products like furniture or wall art, potential customers can place the product in their space to see how it would look. Using a smartphone, they can view the product in the correct perspective and lighting, giving them an immediate sense of its appearance.

For certain types of businesses, such as manufacturers, using 3D configurators as output can be advantageous. If you have a product where elements can be adjusted, your company can receive the 3D model itself, which can be supportive. Do you offer the option for 3D printing? Then we can automatically send the 3D models to the printer, saving you as an entrepreneur a significant amount of time.

Explore the world of our 3D model: Discover the possibilities!

A 3D configurator offers countless visual options, allowing users to get a better idea of how the product looks. Both inside and outside the configurator, interactions can be performed. Try it out for yourself by viewing the 3D model from all angles: [[front,1.38m 0.14m -2.06m, 22deg,-1.129750988586876rad 1.4825311475199727rad 3.4m]], [[back,1.3835578262805939m 0.14920943894590227m -2.0665155947208405m,22deg,-4.303797685057964rad 1.5131450534982116rad 3.4088617954898193m]], [[left,1.3835578262805939m 0.14920943894590227m -2.0665155947208405m,22deg,-2.7833070214720994rad 1.5131450534982116rad 3.4088617954898193m]], [[right,1.3835578262805939m 0.14920943894590227m -2.0665155947208405m,22deg,0.2780835763517878rad 1.4621218768678135rad 3.4088617954898193m]]. You can also examine [[arches,1.4830456761079411m 0.4844062354233678m -2.1319370101485666m, 5deg,-131.3deg 75.39deg 2.047m]], [[pillar,1,64m 0,25m -1,88m, 14deg,82.8deg 64.84deg 2.324m]] and [[conveyor,1,21 0,29m -1,98m, 11deg,-111.4deg 62.99deg 0m]] in the model. 

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