Orange Juice was tasked with developing an e-commerce solution, including an online design editor. This led to the launch of HEMA Foto, a platform allowing users to design and order their own photo products. 

Naturally, a large company like HEMA needs to keep up with the times. Therefore, in 2009, there was consideration about personalizing various photo products. HEMA approached Orange Juice to realize an e-commerce solution, including an online design editor.

For HEMA, we've worked on various projects, each with its specific goal. Generally, our aim is to deliver customized web solutions that perfectly align with HEMA's needs and requirements. We then seamlessly integrate these solutions into HEMA's larger enterprise landscape using cutting-edge cloud architecture. Our goal extends beyond just achieving short-term commercial objectives; we constantly consider broader factors like manageability and scalability. This is crucial for HEMA, given their enormous volume and the peak loads they encounter.

HEMA: from humble beginnings to Dutch icon

In 1926, HEMA opened its first store. Since then, the company has grown to become the largest franchisor in the Netherlands. Throughout the years, HEMA has remained loyal to its brand: unique, reliable, and accessible. 

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For personalizing photo products, we developed HEMA Foto. HEMA Foto is a comprehensive e-commerce environment where end-users can design and order their photo products themselves. In addition to being a webshop, HEMA Foto also serves as a central service hub for all affiliated parties such as printing companies and logistic service providers. Part of the solution is a custom-made CMS, developed by Orange Juice, in combination with a back office for order management. So, in addition to the webshop, the solution for HEMA Foto includes an order management system for the entire order process, from end-user creation to shipping.


Following the success of the first project, HEMA Foto, and thanks in part to a results-driven approach and expertise, Orange Juice was also asked to realize various other online projects involving some form of personalization. We developed the very first version of HEMA notary service and the current HEMA tickets and gift cards. Additionally, we implemented the HEMA Foto express service and recently delivered a version of HEMA Foto for France. Orange Juice is also responsible for managing the various platforms and any expansions, optimizations, and UX improvements. Achieving results is an ongoing process, closely collaborating with the team at HEMA. 

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Did you know..

Did you know that Orange Juice has been in a long-term partnership with HEMA since 2009, collaborating closely on various projects and initiatives for over a decade? 

We have almost daily contact with the team at Orange Juice, allowing us to quickly adapt and adjust. And that for over 10 years!
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