The user is assisted in the configurator to assemble the desired rescue set

In collaboration with Holmatro, Orange Juice has developed a configurator, where understanding and presenting the organization's complex products correctly posed a significant challenge. 

There was a considerable challenge within this project, mainly stemming from the complexity of the technical products and the extensive system of the client. Having some knowledge of the product was crucial. In the initial stages of the project, we visited Holmatro's premises, where we received a tour. This provided a good start to the project, giving us a better understanding of the company and its products. Understanding the products helps in developing an effective product configurator. The products are highly technical and offer many different application possibilities. Visualizing all information clearly was therefore a major challenge.

Holmatro was looking for a solution for the complex technical products they offer. Previously, these were offered in preassembled sets for various applications. Within this project, the focus was on developing an innovative product configurator, guiding the customer step by step in assembling a suitable product set. It is also important that the customer receives a PDF afterward, which can be taken to a nearby dealer to actually purchase the product set. In addition to efficiency for the end customer, it also had to provide clarification for Holmatro employees and dealers where the customer can turn.

To present the complex technical products effectively to the end customer, as well as Holmatro employees and the dealer, we developed a product configurator for Holmatro. The customer can go through the process of assembling the product sets step by step and will have assembled a suitable product set at the end. At the end, the customer receives a PDF, which they can take to a nearby dealer to purchase the product set.

Holmatro: innovation in hydraulic tools

Holmatro is a Dutch manufacturing company that has been around for more than 50 years. They supply tools for rescue and industrial purposes. The tools are hydraulic and have a working pressure of 720 bar, allowing them to generate considerable force. 

Holmatro Case Orange Juice Arnhem


The configurator turned out well and was presented at a trade show in America. The process went smoothly, everything went according to plan, and both parties quickly adjusted as needed. As a result, we were able to deliver the configurator quickly and according to plan. Holmatro is a pleasant client to work with. One requirement from the client was to have the existing 'product information system' integrated with the configurator, so they don't have to maintain product information in multiple places.


If you are a serious company in the market where Holmatro operates, a product configurator is indispensable. It is not only an important tool for customers to use but also a relief for dealers and employees at Holmatro. This way, they know exactly what to offer the customer depending on the situation. 

Did you know..

The unique aspect of this configurator is that in the first step, you can choose from two approaches: on one hand, you can look at the set and what you can do with it, on the other hand, you can look at what you want to do and what you need for that.

Holmatro Configurator
You can tell that Orange Juice positions itself well as a specialist in configurators. We found the expertise and flexibility in the area we wanted to be a valuable option. It's a small, compact team with short lines of communication. This is what Holmatro is too, despite being a world leader.
Jilles Duyndam Global Marketing Manager, Holmatro Rescue Equipment

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