Orange Juice, in collaboration with Hardeman, has built a platform suitable for Hardeman's diverse target groups.

Due to the increased demand for iron products and construction materials, Hardeman decided to modernize their webshop at the end of 2019. At that time, they already had a website, which was outdated.

The goal of this project was to create a custom e-commerce solution, consisting of a clear and user-friendly website where each of Hardeman’s target groups can find what they need.

The custom e-commerce solution includes a webshop for end users with an integrated quotation module for Hardeman employees. 

An innovative family business in construction and supply

Hardeman Bouwproducten is part of Hardeman, an innovative family business that has been operating for almost 50 years, involved in construction in the broadest sense. In addition to Hardeman Systeembouw, the construction division, there is Hardeman Bouwproducten: a supplier of a wide range of construction products, fences, and steel. A large part of the assortment is produced in their modern factories in Veenendaal.


The online environment was seamlessly integrated with the internal custom-made software of the construction company. We worked closely with the developer of this software, meeting weekly to discuss progress and exchange knowledge.

Klantbezoek Hardeman
Hardeman Case 2


In the manufacturing industry, production consists of various components and actions that together form the final product. These elements each have properties and options that must be considered to achieve a correct product composition and price calculation. All of this comes together in the webshop, where dimensions influence the price, delivery time, and packaging, products are custom-made or in stock, and there are price tiers where both quantities and dimensions result in discounts.

Service layer

To coordinate data and processes, a link was created with Hardeman's ERP software. Data communication flows both ways; orders from the webshop are directly available in the ERP software for processing, and offline orders are also displayed on the website under 'My Orders'. For this purpose, a service layer has been created as an intermediate layer for the exchange of data, with functions that fit seamlessly with the processes.

Schematische Tekening 1

Quotation module

In addition to the integration with Hardeman’s internal software, we also incorporated a quotation module. This makes issuing quotes significantly easier and faster for Hardeman’s sales team, allowing them to serve their customers even better.

We found the collaboration with Orange Juice to be very pleasant. The team takes our project seriously, works professionally, and comes up with good solutions.
Maarten Spruit Website Manager at Hardeman Veenendaal

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