About us

Orange Juice, based in Arnhem, is your digital partner. Everything we do revolves around one thing: driving your online business forward. Since 2003, we've been achieving this with a team of experts who know everything about online marketing and web development. As an organization, we are ambitious and highly value collaboration. We simply don’t like doing things halfway. We are driven and together, we strive for the ultimate result. We are ready to set your online business in motion! Are you ready too? 
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Sustainability and vitality

Contributing to sustainability and vitality gives us an energy boost at Orange Juice! That's why we support Trees for All with a donation to plant 480 new trees per year. Our choice of sustainable coffee and tea from supplier Peeze, the use of (hybrid) electric cars, and our energy-efficient office building with an A energy label are just a few steps we take. 

Our green employment conditions are essential to us. Annually, we reserve up to €700 per employee to promote sustainability and vitality. This budget can be used in various ways, from improving the sustainability of your home to an annual sports subscription, a (electric) bicycle, or even a smartwatch. It is important to us to encourage our employees to actively engage in sustainability and vitality. 

Ons team

Dion Van Nieuwenhoven
Dion van Nieuwenhoven Technical director
Contact Dion van Nieuwenhoven Via +31 (0)26 327 40 45 dion@orangejuice.nl
About me
  • Reads everything
  • Hobby gardener
  • Plays (a little) guitar and piano
Remco Van Nieuwenhoven (1)
Remco van Nieuwenhoven Founder & strategist
Contact Remco van Nieuwenhoven Via +31 (0)26 327 40 45 remco@orangejuice.nl
About me
  • Zen
  • Sons
  • Handicap 17
Nina Faber
Nina Faber HR consultant/coach
About me
  • Loves dancing
  • Always up for a chat
  • Enjoys traveling
Guido Beerning
Guido Beerning Junior accountmanager
About me
  • Is sporty
  • Always willing to help
Laura Van Aperen
Laura van Aperen UI/UX designer
About me
  • Loves pasta
  • Dog person
  • Expert bingewatcher
Martin Tiemens
Martin Tiemens Lead developer
About me
  • Semi-Pro gamer
  • Motorcycle enthusiast
  • Boardgame geek
Jordi Veenvliet
Jordi Veenvliet Front-end developer
About me
  • Drinks 25+ colas per week!
  • French chansons
  • Joker, prankster
Christiaan Gal
Christiaan Gal Back-end developer
About me
  • Currywurst enthusiast
  • Loves nature
  • Road trips
Marius Linders
Marius Linders JavaScript developer
About me
  • Owns 105 plants
  • Never feels cold
  • Codes faster than lightning
Peter Wulf
Peter Wulf Front-end developer
About me
  • Dungeons and Dragons fan
  • Knows everything about Lego
  • Age of Empires II enthusiast
Lars Heesakkers
Lars Heesakkers Back-end developer
About me
  • Pool king
  • Wears a t-shirt at -5°C
  • Drinks a pack of chocolate per day
Michel De Beijer
Michel de Beijer Back-end developer
About me
  • Knows everything about F1
  • Loves cookies
  • Hobby gamer
Sjaak Kok
Sjaak Kok Back-end developer
About me
  • Soccer expert
  • Loves gaming
Steven Velderman
Steven Velderman Front-end developer
About me
  • Enjoys hiking
  • Fan of coffee
  • Animal lover
Matthijs De Graaff
Matthijs de Graaff Lead online marketing
Contact Matthijs de Graaff Via +31 (0)26 327 40 45 matthijs.degraaff@orangejuice.nl
About me
  • Enjoys cold showers
  • Sunday is fry-day
  • Plays in the lower division of soccer
Siebe Elijzen (1)
Siebe Elijzen Online marketer
About me
  • Enjoys plain potato chips
  • Drummer
  • Lover of good times
Matthijs Herpers
Matthijs Herpers Online marketer
About me
  • Tomato sauce enthusiast
  • Exercise = relaxation
  • Binges thrilling series
Chayenne Lamers
Chayenne Lamers Content marketer
About me
  • Sushi enthusiast
  • ️ Interior design lover
Lizzy Hond
Lizzy * Faithful four-legged friend
About me
  • Can eat endlessly
  • Prefers swimming all day long
  • Enjoys walking together
Mango * Joyful work wofficer
About me
  • Thrives on attention
  • Loves giving kisses
  • Enjoys playing