Strategy & Concept

Many of our clients come with a specific vision for an online project. Whether it's a website, webshop, online configurator, or online campaign, there's a framework in place. With over 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of asking profound questions early on about the client's digital environment, target audiences, customer journey, competitors, and objectives. Does the future project align with the existing business and marketing strategy? To dig deeper into this, we suggest a workshop session. This way, we can ensure that we create something that offers the best solution on all fronts.

Strategie En Concept

Strategy sessions

During our strategy sessions, we work together to formulate a well-thought-out digital strategy, long-term objectives, and a clear project framework. We ensure thorough preparation so that we know exactly exactly where we're headed. Depending on the project, we might sketch out some initial designs or even develop a prototype. Sometimes, we need to dig deeper into our target audience and develop multiple personas, so that we gain real insight into who we're reaching and how best to do it.  

Functional research

When a project already has a clear form from the request, such as a request for a product configurator, we use the explore phase for a more targeted functional research. During a strategy session, we discuss functionalities, specifications, scope, and integration into the digital landscape. We map out which other software systems the online solution needs to communicate with and outline a possible architecture. 

Who is the explore phase for?

We call the set of activities in this preparation phase explore. A thorough exploration lays the foundation for the next phase: shape, where we will create a concrete online solution. If necessary, we also involve our online marketing specialists in the third phase: accelerate, to optimize the launch and promotion of the project.

What you can expect from us

The explore phase consists of several components.

After our initial, non-binding meeting, we schedule a workshop. What sets us apart is that, in some cases, we can even start with simple marketing activities before the workshop. 


In this phase, we define long-term goals, strategy, and explore the market and competitors together with you. This exploration process mainly involves brainstorming, where we sit down with you to determine the overall strategy.


In some cases, a concept is developed during a workshop, which we then further refine. This could be a sketch or an initial version of a prototype, but it can also include a pitch deck or an infographic.

Multiple sessions

Some clients require multiple workshops.

Next steps

Get started on your own or move to the shape or accelerate phase.