An advanced configurator for installers

We developed an advanced online configurator for ABB. This configurator allows installers to create customized distribution boards that meet specific energy needs of homes while ensuring safety. 

The main challenge of the project was implementing the assembly rules for the distribution panels. In collaboration with ABB, we documented safety rules and preferred placements of components. These rules included the positioning of components, maximum load, phase distribution, and heat development. Due to the interdependence of these rules, the project became quite complex and challenging.

Given the complexity, it was crucial to develop the rules within a well-thought-out architecture, making them relatively simple and quick to adjust without unexpected consequences for other parts of the system. Working out and adjusting these rules continued throughout the project alongside the realization of other application components. To discuss the rules accurately and work them out properly, it was necessary for us to become domain experts. 

The development of an advanced configurator for ABB had a clear objective. Primarily, we aimed to effectively guide installers in assembling safe distribution boards by providing them with solid information and support. This goal was particularly important given the generally low level of knowledge among installers regarding electrical panels.

In collaboration with ABB, we created an innovative web application that allows installers to easily assemble distribution boards online. The solution includes a product configurator with an associated decision aid.

World leader in electrification & automation

ABB is a global technological leader. With operations in over 100 countries and more than 105,000 employees, ABB is a world leader in electrification, process automation, and robotics. 

Speed and efficiency

The configurator is fully aligned with ABB’s production processes, enabling rapid delivery. With extensive business logic, including heat calculations, the configurator even recommends an efficient layout for the electrical panel. The business logic for the assembly is very comprehensive, incorporating heat calculations. This allows the configurator to suggest efficient and optimal layouts for the electrical panel. 

The process of designing and ordering electrical panels is a collaboration between the installer, wholesaler, and ABB. The configurator serves as the central hub, making the system for the ABB Hafonorm electrical panel modern and future-proof. 

The combination of complex business logic, a user-friendly interface, and integration with production processes makes this project a leader in the industry. We are proud of the result and look forward to further innovations. 

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ABB decision aid

When the energy needs of a home are known and you don’t want to start with an empty distribution board in the configurator, you can use the decision aid. This guide helps you assemble an electrical panel through a series of questions. These questions help determine the specific energy needs of a home. Once all questions are answered, the user is directed to the configurator. Here, further modifications can be made, and components can be added if necessary.

For our new configurator, we were looking for a developer who excelled in design creation and had expertise in developing configurators. Orange Juice exceeded our expectations. Their skilled and critical team communicates clearly, making collaboration pleasant.
Yvonne van Oost Product Marketing Specialist

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