Do you offer customizable products or services? Then a product configurator is essential for your webshop. Imagine configuring a car or purchasing a new kitchen. Many businesses like these utilize a configurator, allowing the end user to easily and independently customize a product.

Configurator Product Configurator

Custom product configurators

In many cases, an online business model can take shape by developing a product configurator. At Orange Juice, we are often responsible for the entire project realization - such as a webshop or website and the configurator. However, we also develop product configurators for existing websites. Our product configurators are developed in JavaScript and can be seamlessly integrated into the larger framework of an online project. For this purpose, we establish connections with the existing website or webshop and any external systems if needed.

Online personalization

Our expertise lies in developing customization modules that allow website visitors to design or configure products themselves. Think of simple options such as color and material selection, but also more complex possibilities such as choosing dimensions for custom products, selecting desired finishes, and personalizing with their own logos or texts. The possibilities are endless; we can realize anything! Moreover, we can show a live preview of the result in the product configurator, providing users with a clear image of the final product.

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The possibilities of a product configurator

The possibilities are very extensive and can be fully customized to your preferences. Users can easily customize products themselves, allowing processes to be seamlessly automated.

With product configuration, we mean the ability for users to design or customize a product themselves. The most user-friendly way to do this is with a product configurator, where users can intuitively go through all customization options. By showing a live preview of the end result, users get a clear picture of the final product right away. The product can be easily adjusted until the result meets their expectations. This significantly reduces the chance that a product does not meet expectations, especially important for customized products where returns are often not possible.

In addition to optimizations for the end user on the front end of the website, we can also implement additional functionalities on the backend. These are mainly aimed at automating processes. Think of integrations that load production files into machines, triggering automatic production. This way, we can seamlessly combine e-commerce with on-demand production. Additionally, we almost always ensure integrations with shipping services, automatically registering shipments so you only need to stick a label on the package. We can also send automated emails to keep customers informed about the status of their orders. 

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