In 2016, Primus began a strategic orientation, marking the first discussions about digital transformation. This marked the beginning of a collaboration with Orange Juice to leverage online opportunities.

In 2016, Primus underwent a strategic orientation, initiating discussions about digital transformation for the first time. How could we develop new business models that capitalize on online opportunities? Orange Juice was approached to develop the online strategy and assist in realizing new online projects. 

Primus aimed to offer smaller orders, such as bread labels for bakeries, exclusively through the online channel for customers in the Benelux region. The company had barely focused on a website, social media, or other online presence.

As a first step, we created an international corporate website. The website was delivered with Umbraco CMS, a user-friendly content management system. The result was increased online visibility, more website traffic, and as a result, online inquiries from prospects from all over the world. 


In addition to the implementation of the webshop and design editor, Orange Juice is also responsible for the operation and optimization of the webshop. This includes realizing functional extensions, generating traffic, and optimizing conversion. To make a webshop successful, we deploy multiple tools, such as social media marketing, link building, Google Ads, email marketing, and online advertising. 

Market leader in edible paper

Primus Wafer Paper has been the market leader in edible paper since 1916. The potato starch-based paper is supplied worldwide in large volumes. In 2016, Primus underwent a strategic orientation, marking the first discussions about digital transformation.


In 2017, the visual identity was refreshed, followed by the delivery of the corporate website and the webshop with editor. In the new webshop, end-users such as bakeries can directly order edible products. And in the editor, they can design bread labels with their own company logo or text. A three-year plan with various online marketing activities was developed for online visibility and discoverability. Online revenue grew rapidly in 2018 and 2019, allowing the second phase to be initiated in early 2020, focusing on international expansion.


From online strategy to concrete internet project

Primus and Orange Juice opted for a long-term collaboration to develop online projects together. Part of the collaboration was based on the shared revenue model. In line with the formulated online strategy, we started working on the corporate website and an e-commerce project for the Benelux region. The first phase of the e-commerce project consisted of a webshop for bread labels with a user-friendly online design editor. Orange Juice was responsible for the operation and optimization of the webshop.

From the start, Orange Juice has taken us on a result-oriented and data-driven approach.
Wouter Smits Commercial Director at Primus Wafer Paper

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