Email marketing is an indispensable part of your marketing strategy, offering numerous possibilities. Not only can you send newsletters to your customers, but you can also set up and send automated emails. By smartly using existing data from your webshop or newsletter database, you can send personalized emails that perfectly match the needs of your customers. In short, email marketing offers a wide range of possibilities. 

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Keep your customers regularly informed

Keep your customers regularly informed through a newsletter. This allows you to easily reach your customers who have previously subscribed to this mailing or have made a purchase before. With targeted content, you can effectively approach your audience. A newsletter provides the opportunity to inform about new products and services, as well as other important updates you want to share. This information is ideal to include in your newsletter. 

Send personalized emails

With personalized emails, you offer your customers an even better customer experience. Within the email tools we use, we can ensure that your customers receive personalized emails. This can be as simple as adding a personal salutation, but also involves customizing the content of the email based on the user. For example, including offers that match the customer's click or purchase behavior. If a customer has bought a specific product, we can create a mail tailored to this customer based on that purchase. We achieve this by using known data and dynamic content, making each email a customized experience. 

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Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation

In addition to sending newsletters, we also offer automated email campaigns. You probably receive such emails regularly from other companies. 

But how does this work exactly? We use specific triggers based on behavioral or user data. This allows us to send an email a week after the order date to inquire about the satisfaction with the purchase. Additionally, if no new order has been placed after two months, we can send a reminder for a repeat purchase. 

When setting up an automated campaign, we create an email flow. In this flow, we define the email frequency and contact moments. We go through the flow for various scenarios to ensure that the right moments and timeframes are chosen.

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