We specialize in customized digital solutions. We are involved from the concept stage to the conversion stage. This means that our focus is not only on executing online projects but also on conversion rate optimization. We use various tools and techniques to improve online results and help the organization grow. 

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Higher returns

An increased conversion rate means that a larger portion of website visitors take action, resulting in higher returns from online traffic. To achieve this, we analyze the entire online customer journey. Can visitors easily navigate the site? Is all information clearly accessible? These are just a few aspects we assess on the website. Our goal is a perfect online customer journey, free of obstacles that might prevent visitors from taking action. 

Website optimization

To improve the website, we map out the customer journey using various tools and techniques. Our optimization process begins with a thorough expert review, where a team of specialists from different fields assesses the website. This approach yields valuable insights that we can translate into concrete improvements thanks to our expertise and experience. Often, it is combinations of optimizations that together create a significant difference in the user experience. We consider technical aspects such as loading speed, HTML codes, and URL structures, as well as content improvements and visual adjustments. Some optimizations can be implemented immediately, while for others we test different options through A/B testing. This way, we maximize the potential of every online project! 

Web analytics

To optimize a website effectively, we believe it is important to work in a data-driven and results-oriented manner. Data is always the starting point. By collecting and analyzing available data and key performance indicators (KPIs), we can gain more insight into online visitor behavior, website performance, and the efficiency and effectiveness of online marketing. Based on this, we can make data-driven and responsible decisions to optimize a website, its conversion rate, or online marketing campaigns. 

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A/B testing

When we choose to test the effectiveness between two variants of a webpage or a component thereof, we utilize A/B testing. In an A/B test, users are randomly divided into different groups, with each group seeing a different variant of the website. By measuring and comparing user behavior, we can determine which variant, A or B, is most effective for users and implement this on the website. 

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