Content marketing is a broad concept that begins with the creation of high-quality content, which is crucial for an optimal user experience. A smooth reading experience results in more effective website usage. 

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The importance of content marketing

Content marketing is more important than you might initially think. Without content on your website, it’s simply impossible to perform SEO optimization or set up effective SEA campaigns. Good, but more importantly, relevant content is essential. Both text and images can contribute to increasing brand awareness and creating a positive brand experience for your target audience. By sharing valuable information that perfectly matches the needs of your ideal customer, you not only attract more visitors to your website but also convert these visitors into leads. 

Content strategy

Creating relevant content requires a solid content strategy. Before we start content marketing for your business, we begin by developing a content strategy. This involves considering your business objectives and overall strategy. We analyze which channels are relevant, what type of content fits these channels, and what goals we aim to achieve. If we decide to use various social media channels, we develop a social media strategy to utilize these channels as effectively as possible. 

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What is involved in content marketing?

Content marketing encompasses various facets. Both text and visuals, including photography and video, play crucial roles. 

Text is very important, both on your website and on social media and other communication channels. Writing website text goes hand in hand with SEO because you want your website to be easily found. This requires compelling SEO text that includes relevant keywords. When writing these texts, we consider various SEO principles to ensure we create content that not only appeals to your target audience but also drives traffic to your website. Besides completely handling the writing of texts, we can also improve your existing texts, working together to create impactful content. 

Every organization communicates in its unique way. When creating content, both text and visuals, we take your communication style into account. 

Visual storytelling is what you achieve with good photography and video. Both forms are essential in content marketing. On your website and social media, you can tell beautiful stories through visuals, such as company videos and photography. This content reflects the atmosphere of your business and can be used for a long time. 

In addition to photos and videos, visuals are common in content marketing. For more complex design needs, we involve our designers. This includes creating pitch decks or infographics. People are naturally visual, and visuals support the text, whether on websites, social media, or newsletters. Nearly all communication tools contain some form of visual content. 

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